Five Days Workshop on Robotics

Updated on: Feb. 17, 2021

   On February 18th-22nd, 2021, the Green Club of Thoughts hosted a five-day workshop entitled “Workshop on Robotics” at SkyriderHigher Secondary School, Chitwan supported by Alpha Beta Institute. The workshop was a part of the annual program of the Club on the theme of “Class to Community”. The goal of the workshop was to deliver basic knowledge on Electronic Components and robotics, and the program hosted around 50 students from classes 6-12 with curiosity and creative ideas.

The educational workshop was a success not only because of the participants but also due to the impact it has left. The five-day-long workshop proved fruitful to the enthusiasts of Robotics and gave them a boost towards understanding and implementing electronic components to ease their daily activities.

Students were given basic theoretical and practical training about electrical components and circuits. The first day of the workshop ended with students being able to build an Automatic Lighting System with basic electronic components. After the accomplishment, students were also made familiar with various types of sensors and microcontrollers.

With dedicated and capable club members, the school quickly learned about programming microcontrollers and could integrate Audrino into various programs. With the team effort, students built a Bluetooth control car on the fourth day of the workshop. With a  detailed idea about how signals were transmitted through Bluetooth modules, students were clear about how smartphones could control the car.

Analyzing the enthusiasm and the marvelous progress made by the students, 5 sub-groups were formed and an idea pitching session was also conducted which provided them with professional insights on how to formulate the ideas and propose them to the board.

On the final day of the workshop, students had acquired sound knowledge about electronic components and circuits. Under the team’s supervision, students assembled their final projects of the workshop. The projects involved Gesture Control Car, Obstacles Avoiding Car, Lane Following Robot, Smart Dustbin with Garbage Level Detection, and Smart Irrigation System. A short Q&A session was also conducted as a survey to find how productive the workshop had been. The results were very promising which concluded the five-day-long workshop with the mini project exhibition at last.

On day one the students got knowledge on electronics components and later they designed the circuits and assembled the circuits on a breadboard. The first project was the Automatic Lighting System. After getting knowledge on electronics components, they were introduced by various types of sensors.