About Us

Green Club Of Thoughts
Since 2007

Green Club of Thoughts- GCT was initially established within the central schools of Kathmandu University (KU) in 2007 as the first inter-departmental club with the aim of developing educational, cultural, physical and mental, and literary skills. However, with the rapid technological transfer witnessed within a decade and surged awareness in national matters, to raise the interest of national issues in youngsters blending at a group of alkies equally maintaining the major field of study, the GCT at 2020 -first of its kind at KU, has formed a community to connect, inspire and perform people fulfilling its objectives.


  • Coordinating among the students of the seven schools to conduct programs such as debates, interactions, etc. in order to raise the awareness on major educational, technical, social, and economic national issues.
  • To work for the educational, social, biological, sports, environmental development in the areas around Kathmandu University and the country in coordination with various organizations.

  • To conduct skill enhancement programs for the students of Kathmandu University.

  • To conduct other unsought activities which are demands of the coming time

Green Club of thoughts - GCT is the only club at the university premises which has connected all of its seven schools that spheres the students from all technical, educational, social, environmental, economic, developmental to issues of national concern like the construction of Nijgadh International Airport, Millennium Challenge Corporation and so on. It caters to conduct talk shows and intellectual debates upon these affairs. To the same degree, the club is a locus for the diversified workshops that will ensue for the betterment of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of the students of the university. Moreover, the club will put its effort to boost up the caliber of students collaborating with other civil societies and organizations both inside and outside the college premises. GCT is committed to look towards educational and infrastructural advancement considering the quality, its social and political aspects along the sports, music, and extracurricular activities of the university. Likewise, with farsighted thoughts and a team of synergetic club members, GCT is open to all the issues ranging from various domains which may come up with the advancing time that constantly looks toward analytical reasoning and providing thoughts to those subjects of future concern.

Our Logo

The colossal green in the logo symbolizes life. Green connects various spectrums of life. Green inspires and gives birth to various forms of life across, and perhaps beyond the planet. It stands for the existence and performance of life. One’s life is essentially an epigram of light and dark. Not only the rising and setting sun but incandescent thoughts, ideas, and knowledge determine the luminosity of their life. The light bulb in the logo symbolizes the significance of thoughts, moreover, knowledge in the green represents life. When good thoughts are warmly embraced, beams of light transcend to ineffable boundaries. Good ideas hand in hand with knowledge know no limits and travel above and beyond their horizons. So does life. Life is not bound in any languish. When these limitless paramounts unite, wonders take birth. The green rays triumphing against their little circle in the logo depict the same. The GCT logo attempts to intricately weave the essence of thoughts and knowledge via the symbol of light fondled in the symbol of life. To connect, inspire and perform, GCT aims to take necessary treads. Be it by connecting with students across various schools of KU, inspiring them to be better than their reflection, and to perform what is within their might with utmost diligence. GCT is set to expand the universe with all the knowledge and touch lives.

A Glance Through GCT Timeline (2007-2021)

Since 2007


Formation of the Club

A group of like-minded Kathmandu University students including Deepak Tolange, Sumit Karki and Shripa Aamatya started informal group.

Every day after 4 PM Group members used to have a tea-talk to discuss vision and relevant activities

That group later registered as the first inter-departmental club of the university with the name ‘Green Club of Thoughts (GCT)-Artist`s circle’ however without any organizational structure coordinated by Deepak Tolange


Membership form issued by the club


GCT published the first student led newsletter in the university-‘Green Hues’


GCT coordinated SAUFEST-3. The logo of the SAUFEST-3 was designed by the GCT


Computer and Book donation at Shree Mahabidyajan School, Raya Danda, Baglung


Photography workshop with Min Ratna Bajracharya


Inter-School Art competition from all schools of Kavre


Film Screening at the university

GCT screened ‘Bheda Ko Oon Jasto’, The Incredibles’,’School of Rock’ and Movies from Russian Culture Center


Fine Arts competition


Photography competition on the theme ‘Mero Dashain’


GCT organized the inter faculty indoor mania


New Era!

Renew of the Club in the organizational structure, including all students from all seven schools led by Ashim Joshi as the first president of the club


From 'Green Hues' in 2008 to 'acKUaint' in 2021

Releasing of the first student led Semi-Scholarly Trans-Disciplinary journal- ‘acKUaint’