About acKuaint

'acKUaint' is a semi-scholarly, trans-disciplinary journal released by Green club of Thoughts, Kathmandu University. It is a quadmonthly journal that aims to act as a solid platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and research in the near future. 'acKUaint' includes news across the globe, nation, various schools of Kathmandu University, disciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary articles, literature and art, and so on. With this journal, we aspire to unify the students of all the schools of Kathmandu University and provide a platform of unbiased news outlet that will fearlessly advocate the happenings in the University premises. 

Sixth Issue Edition

The 6th Issue of 'acKUaint', Kathmandu University's semi-scholarly, transdisciplinary journal released by Green Club of Thoughts - GCT, was released on 14th April 2023 on the occasion of the New Year 2080. The featured articles include interviews with: Mr. Maha Prasad Adhikary (Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank) Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma (Founding Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University) This issue also includes a detailed insight into the Provincial Elections 2079.

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Fifth Issue Edition

GCT has published its 5th issue of 'acKUaint'. This issue has featured interviews with Prof. Dr. Achyut Prasad Wagle, and founding VC Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma. It also includes a Conversation with Dr.-Ing Ramesh Kumar Maskey and contains various articles relating politics, literature, health, and environment.

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4th Issue Edition

GCT has published its 4th issue of 'acKUaint' : Convocation Special Issue. This issue has featured interview with the Chief Guest, Reflection of past convocations, Projects of Students, Alumni of different schools of the University, Interviews with alumni. It also includes Conversation with Dr. Sushil Shrestha and contains various articles relating politics, literature, health and environment.

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Third Edition

GCT has published its 3rd issue of 'aKUaint'. The paper has covered topics on challenges regarding MCC, information uncovered by pandora papers and sudden overthrow of government by Taliban in afgansithan.It also includes conversation with Dr. Bipin Adhikari , and contains various articles relating to environment, politics and literature

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Second Edition

GCT has published its second issue of the 'acKUaint'. It has addressed the important parts of Kathmandu University's whitepaper, as well as other insights of the university. It has also included a conversation with Prof. Bal Chandra Luitel, on the present education scenario and the significance of STEAM education in Nepal. Similarly, it has also shared-'Sunaulo Katha'-a uniquely inspiring story of one of the students of the university.

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First Edition

This issue contains important socio-political topics like the coup of Myanmar, construction of Nijgad airport and also an interview with the VC of Kathmandu University

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