Prof. Dr. Bivek Baral


Prof. Baral is a professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kathmandu University. He holds Ph.D. from Auckland University, New Zealand, Masters Degree from University of Tokyo, Japan, and Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University. He is the first alumni of KU to become a full professor at KU. Besides his profession, his interests include aviation and anthropology. He is together with GCT since 2010.

Dr. Hem Raj Kafle

Founding Advisor

Dr. Hem Raj Kafle (Associate Professor of English and Communication) is the Head of Department of Management Informatics and Communication (MIC), Kathmandu University. Dr. Kafle is an alumnus of the Study of the United States Institutes (SUSI) program on Journalism and Media, University of Florida. He has to his credit one co-authored anthology of poems, two translated books, one collection (book) of reflective essays and one collection of poems in Nepali. He is with GCT since 2007.

Mr. Haris Chand Adhikari


Mr. Adhikari (Assistant Professor of English and Communication) is a published poet, creative writer, translator, and researcher. He has three books of poetry and translation to his credit, apart from numerous individual poetic pieces in various journals. He has taught courses in English language and literature, technical and intercultural communication, and academic writing and translation. GCT welcomed Mr. Adhikari in 2020 as an advisor of the club.

Dr. Rajendra Adhikari

Technical Advisor

Dr. Adhikari is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Kathmandu University. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas, USA Masters Degree from University of Rhode Island, USA and Bachelors Degree from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal. His area of expertise includes Computational Material Science and High Performance and Scientific Computing. GCT welcomed Dr. Adhikari in 2021 as an advisor of the club..

Ashim Joshi

IPP and Advisor

Ashim Joshi is a dynamic and interdisciplinary individual having experience working in different organizations including the National Human Rights Commission, NCDC, EWB, and Eco-Club..

Executive Board

Ashish Thapa

Technical In-charge

Ashish, student of Computer Science and Engineering. Interest includes Embedded Systems and Systems programming.

Alsha Regmi

School Representative - KUSL

Alsha is a law student at Kathmandu University School of law and have been working for this club for over a year. Currently, she is representing school of law in the executive board.

Prajjwal Dhungana

School Representative - KUSOA

Prajjwal is a junior pursuing Bachelors in Economics in Kathmandu University School of Arts. Highly interested in data science, he is passionate to study socio-economic impacts of climate change and environmental exploitation. Besides, he loves poetry. He is also the founding president of KU Literary Society, KUSOA.

Isha Acharya

School Representative - KUSOE

Isha Acharya is currently specializing in Automobile Engineering. “Miles to go before I sleep” is a motto she lives by. She is always searching answers for why, what if, how and why not. She likes to be around people and listen to those who are passionate about their dreams, life and interests.

Saugat Bastola

School Representative - KUSOM

Saugat is a management student at Kathmandu University. He is a tech and marketing enthusiast who is also involved in various organizations such as Hult Prize Nepal Community, Tedx at Kathmandu University, LeadBox Toastmasters and more to pursue his interest of networking and outreach.

Aagya Dhungana


Aagya Dhungana, a motivated learner, believing in spreading knowledge currently studying geomatics engineering and running her very own startup . Concerned about the environment, often trying to indulge herself in nature, she wants to work in and with the Earth along with preparing herself for the world.

Aviral Regmi

Joint Secretary

Aviral is a Law Student at Kathmandu University School of Law who love sports and new challenges.

Ayush Paudel

General Secretary

Ayush is a second-year computer engineering student at KU. He is a Python/Django enthusiast and currently a moderator at JetBrains Academy. He is a hard-working, invested and very humble individual who also likes writing.

Eva Kafle

Vice President

Eva is a student of language and communications at the KU School of Arts. They're an exploring pianist, a national swimmer, a dedicated football fan and a greedy consumer of art in all its forms. They're particularly interested in social linguistics and psychology. Otherwise, they like their hair short, coffee black, and work engaging- some of which you can find published in various websites and national dailies.

Anup Chhetri


Growing an inquisitive learner to become a righteous engineer, he is Anup Chhetri , Civil Engineering student learning and growing everyday to become something better for himself as well as the world.

Editorial Board

Samrin Basnet


Samrin Basnet is a law student at KU, aspiring to spread positivity, love, change, and peace. She is an avid learner and writer who is always willing to experience new things in life.

Jamyang Gelek Gurung


Jamyang Gelek Gurung is sophomore Computer Engineering Aspiring web developer and designer.

Mahaharsha Rawal


Mahaharsha Rawal is a student of law at KUSL. He's a fresher and is currently working towards his goal to make people happy and believes GCT is a platform which can help achieve it.

Sushmita Humagain


Sushmita Humagain, a 2nd-year law student is a zealous individual who loves talking, making new friends, and possibly the entirety of this universe. She finds herself passionate when it comes to learning new things, and more importantly, talking about them, and finds home in writing.

Ezal Sujakhu

Copy Editor

With a very uncommon name, Ezal, a Newar from Bhaktapur, is majoring in Business Information System who aspires to have a managerial lead in the technological world. He is working every day to grow into a better form of himself, is open to learning new skills and has had an eye for digital creativity. He always keen about the market for consumer electronics and is a device recommender for many of his friends.

Deepali Shrestha

Copy Editor

Deepali is a BMS second-year student who loves singing, reading books, and playing musical instruments. She is also very passionate about storytelling and writing in general. Anything involving research and creativity fascinates her.

Rhitika Shrestha

Copy editor

A strong and resilient girl who has always strived for her growth putting all her efforts into anything that she does, Rhitika is currently studying Bachelor of Business Information System. Be it performance, guidance or learning, she always gives a 100 percent into anything that she does and aims to make it big in the future. With the opportunity in GCT, she wants to build herself as well as those around her.

Prasiddha Raut


Currently Studying Mechanical Engineering. Motivated to get the work done. Exploring more and more.

Gaurav Khadka


Gaurav Khadka, Computer Engineering undergraduate at KU is an enthusiast of life and everything it has to offer. He is a passionate programmer who is optimistic about making the world a better place with his skills and wisdom. He lives by the motto "all the knowledge, free in the world" and continues to be an active learner.

Dristi Thapa

Production Manager

Dristi is a determined young girl whose only focus is developing her personality and seeing her grow daily. She is a 3rd year student majoring BBIS in at Kathmandu University. Dancing is her passion whereas public speaking is her forte.